How can i help?

“How Can I Help?” features Liam, the Zebra. Unlike other characters, Liam does not struggle with a mental health challenge. Instead, Liam has friends who are struggling, and he wants to know how he can help them. The purpose of “How Can I Help?” is to help children who are similar to Liam become aware of their friends and peers who are suffering from a mental health challenge.

Liam serves as an example for these children, sharing his own ideas and knowledge on how to help others who are struggling. Like Liam, many children may not always know what it is that their friend is struggling with, either because the friend doesn’t know or because they are not open about it. One helping technique Liam teaches in this case is to encourage their friends to ask trusted adults for help. This way, the friend can receive the appropriate care and attention. 

By teaching children helping techniques at a young age, children can carry them throughout their lives and be prepared to help others as they get older—hopefully creating a culture that is more open and empathetic to these issues.

“How Can I Help?” serves as a reminder that we should do what we can to create a more open mental health dialogue to help those who are in need of support and love. Like Liam, it may not always be as simple as knowing what it is that they are struggling with, but it is important that we give time and spread awareness.